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The 195 Factory was formed in 2003 by the purchase of Ray’s Aircraft Service, Inc. of Porterville CA. Ray Woodmansee developed the most extensive array of manufacturing, structural repair, service, STC, and modification capability available anywhere to the 195 owner. Focused on quality and originality, Ray’s reputation for returning aircraft to their original structural condition continues today at The 195 Factory. We are pleased to have Ray continue as a contributing member of our team.

For restoration and structural repair we use an original Cessna factory fuselage jig as well as jigs for the wing, wing tip, and all control surfaces. Extensive use of jigs and fixtures ensure that structural repairs are straight and maintain the original configuration of the airframe.

Structural originality is one of our specialties. We believe that structural repairs that incorporate new parts when ever feasible protect the long term value of the airframe. When an inspector or potential buyer sees straightened and patched structural members, questions about service and repair history arise. Our extensive manufacturing capability uniquely position us to make replace versus repair decisions economically realistic. A repair that is invisible to inspectors, judges, and potential buyers removes a myriad of questions and suspicions.


The 195 Factory is a small family owned business located in Upstate New York. Through our dedicated employee team, support for the Cessna 190/195 is all we do. Born out of over 20 years of previous experience with post war Cessna taildraggers and a passion for the breed, we are proud to add Ray’s 40 plus years of quality support for the Cessna 190/195 owner. With four full time and two part time staff, we represent over 40 years of aviation expertise.

For more information, just give us a call at 518 882-6392.


Future plans include moving the headquarters to an
on-airport location.

The 195 Factory
looks forward to continuing 40 years
of service to the
195 community.

The 195 Factory, LLC (Formerly Ray’s Aircraft Service, Inc.)
Monday - Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm, other times by chance
Fulton County Airport • 160 County Highway 153 • Johnstown, NY 12095 • 518 882-6392 • service@The195Factory.com

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